The Classic Sinatra experience means that you get much more then just a magical, musical event. The whole room will come alive with memorabilia from the hay day of Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. Imagine the room filled with 24 carat signed Gold Discs, photographs, letters, telegrams and even bottles of Frank's favourite tipples (Jack Daniel's).

Ian is the proud owner of some of the most sought after Sinatra memorabilia in the world, and all of this memorabilia will be there for you to see and enjoy as well as the music. The utmost care has been taken to ensure everything you hear, see and touch on the evening is as authentic as possible.

The suit Ian wears on the stage is hand tailored in Savile Row and is an exact replica of Sinatra's trade mark black tuxedo. Even the hat Ian wears on stage has been acquired from Mr. Sinatra's personal hat maker in London.

Featured on this page are a small selection of the memorabilia used in the Classic Sinatra Experience.

Dedication: Every Classic Sinatra performance is dedicated to Frank Sinatra with immense respect and gratitude. It is said that men dream of being Kings, while Kings dream of immortality, Sinatra is one of the few singers with such a dynamic vocal and personal range, that he could sing with complete authority and conviction in one moment and in another stir us to the core with tenderness. Sinatra is the musical giant of the 20th century. One incredible legend.

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